Get Your Startup Ready to Raise an Angel or Seed-Round

The FounderX Advisory program is offered exclusively to the top Founder Institute graduates who are raising capital in Q1 & Q2 2017. Participants will work closely with the FI graduate success team and with select mentors. The objective is for founders to have convinced a minimum of 3 investors to invest in their business by the end of the program. The program is virtual and the time commitment is similar to the FI core program.

Program Curriculum

The Q1 2017 FounderX advisory program takes place from January 10 to April 10. Participating graduates will work with the FI Graduate Success team members, select mentors and investors over the next 3 months to refine your pitch, fundraising materials, investor outreach and to close your round.
Secure Your Lead Investor

Learn the expert tips, deal structures, what investors are looking for, and more to find your “lead”.

Develop a Captivating Pitch

Receive constant, honest feedback from experts until you can deliver a flawless pitch.

Design Addictive Experiences

Get personal guidance from founders who have built products loved by millions of people.

Generate Sales & Partnerships

Develop the strategy and tactics to generate sustainable leads and opportunities for your business.

Build an unstoppable team

Learn how to find and close the exact people you need – for little or free.

Grow your Network

Attend top global startup events, and private VIP angel mixers.

A jam packed schedule

No minute will be wasted during the Founder Lab. Click the icon above to see the most recent itinerary.

Featured Companies



FounderX Mentors

Work with the top Silicon Valley CEOs & Entrepreneurs to propel your company
Aaron Patzer
Founder & CEO,
Aaron Patzer is an internet entrepreneur and the founder of, the financial management tool which was acquired by Intuit and has over 10 million users
Adeo Ressi
CEO & Founder of The Founder Institute
Adeo Ressi is an American entrepreneur and investor who is best known as the founder and CEO of TheFunded and The Founder Institute. He has been a fixture in the Silicon Valley since creating TheFunded in 2007.
CEO & Co-Founder, MOX
A self-described “readical individualist”, currently the CEO and Co-Founder of MOX.
Co-founder and Chief Product Officer of LegalZoom
Co-founder and Chief Product Officer of LegalZoom, previously Chief Technology Officer at TROON, LTD.
Founder & CEO, Xobni
Founder and CEO of Xobni, acquired by Yahoo, 2013. Currently the Sr. Vice President, Communications Products Yahoo! Inc.
Founder of OQO
Founder and CTO of OQO; scientist, entrepreneur, and creator of the world’s smallest computer in 2000.
Founder, Nimbus Health
Lifelong entrepreneur, founder of Nimbus Health, Together Tech, and Customer Development Labs.
Co-Founder & CEO, Hi.Q – Health IQ
CEO & Co-Founder of Health Equity Labs, Riya Inc (makers of, and Andale.
Co-Founder & CEO, AdNectar
The Co-Founder and CEO of AdNectar, author, entrepreneur, and specialist in user behavior design, CEO coaching, strategy, advertising, and much more.
Co-Founder & VP Business Development, Eye-fi
Co-Founder & VP Business Development, Eye-fi; Co-founder & Co-CEO Forq; Professional Photgrapher and Mentor
Co-Founder, Science, multi-time entrepreneur
Co-Founder, Science, multi-time entrepreneur
Plus Many More
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Final Application Deadline: January 5, 2017 - Price: $499 (USD)
(No equity needed)